web resources


Linux / Unix / Bash / etc.

Raspberry Pi


  • Supercollider, this is the main SC page these days.
  • Docs, the docs will be installed on your machine with the application, but they can be accessed here as well.
  • Tour of UGens, pretty comprehensive jumping off point for exploring UGens in SC (part of the standard documentation).
  • A Gentle Introduction to SuperCollider, a very thorough introduction to SC.
  • SCCode, a web-platform for sharing and remixing supercollider code.
  • SCTweets, supercollider code in 140 characters or less (frequently amazing).
  • SC Mailing List, this is the archive for the sc-users list, the main resource for support other than the docs. All of the devs are very active on this list and respond quickly to questions. If you are so inclined you can subscribe to the list by following directions described here.